X-ray Diffractometer



The Panalytical X’Pert Pro MPD X-ray powder diffractometer is equipped with a Cu-tube as source, a theta-theta goniometer, stages for powder and thin film samples and a 1D semiconductor X’Celerator detector for fast data acquisition. Modes of operation are powder diffraction, diffraction under grazing incidence, and X-ray reflectivity.

Structural Information

Typical information that can be extracted from X-ray diffractograms by Rietveld refinement are
• phase composition of the crystalline components of the sample
• crystal structure (lattice constants, atom positions, occupation numbers, root mean square displacement)
• microstructure (coherent diffracting domain size, microstrain, crystallinity, densities of extended defects)

Example: CVS nano-TiO2 (anatase, 12 nm)











The instrument is available to users outside the Winterer group upon request.

Unfortunately, at present the instrument is defect. We are working on a proposal for replacement with a new instrument.


The instrument is used extensively for teaching in the NanoEngineering study program:


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